The cold season has its undeniable charm (holidays, luxurious knits, warm chocolate and sofa cuddling we are winking at you), but it has its downside, too (there, our tresses just approved that). Whether it’s sleet, rain or low temperatures, weather can be a harsh aggressor for your hair unless…. you follow our winter haircare tips meant to help you keep your locks healthy and happy.

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
Spoiler alert: this goes for both hair and body.

Just like skin, hair needs moisture, especially in the cold winter months when rough weather and an increased use of heated styling tools tend to dry hair depriving it of its natural moisture. Try using only shampoo and conditioner (a nourishing hair mask will work wonders, too) and avoid abusing styling products, such as wax or oil that don’t spread so well in winter creating unwanted build-up.

Hydrating from the inside out – drinking lots and lots of water, that is – has been proved to flush out toxins feeding moisture to thirsty skin and hair. It might be the oldest trick in the book, but it sure works.

2. Turn off the heat
This goes for all your heated styling tools, such as flat and curling irons, blow dryers and pressing combs that will dry out your hair considerably with their excessive heat. As a safe alternative, use wraps or rollers to get the style you want without losing the moisture.

3. Go sleek, or cover
Wearing your hair up in a bun or chignon in winter will protect your lengths from the frizz, but going for a wig or a full-head weave is the safest (and may we add, most glamorous) of options. Winter is the perfect time to sport glorious faux tresses because they protect your natural hair from the bitter cold giving it a break from all the mad styling.

4. Check that fabric
The cold will urge you to cover your hair, but first check your hats, hoods and scarves and make sure the fabric they are made of is not too rough so you avoid pulling and breaking hairs around your hairline. Go for items made of soft wool with a satin lining, or simply wrap your mane in a smooth silk scarf before you cover your head with anything else.

Tip: keep that scarf on also when you take off a turtleneck or sweater that could snag a few extra hairs.

5. Shampoo the smart way

It may be tempting to put your hair away for quite some time during winter, but don’t overdo it as it might shed and break. Remember to take down and wash party updos after maximum one week, and braids after no longer than one month. If your hair is naturally straight, wash it every three to five days lest you should strip it of its natural oils.

Having said that, ladies, it’s now time to defy the cold and showcase show-stopping hair, be it natural or faux tresses (keeping in mind you can always count on Remy Girls for the best virgin human hair extensions).