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Whats the Time Duration For Shipment
90% of orders ship out immediately after 72 hours but we have a standard 3-5 business days*, processing time frame for all orders to account for factory delays, shipping delays and custom items like HD lace that may take an additional time to proceed.
What is Same Day Shipment
Same day shipping orders must be submitted before 12pm noon set to be processed the same day. If the items purchased are specialty items that require additional manufacturing time, they will be shipped express immediately after they are made.
Samples are machine made?
Our samples are made by hand and packaged in-house. With that being said out regular shipping times do not apply to our sample orders. We pinky promise to keep you up to date on your sample order and will ship as soon as your sample is created.
What is the Variation in Closures & Frontals
All closures, frontals and full lace wigs (5×5, 6×6, 7×7, and 13×4, 13×6 lace frontals and full lace wigs) are custom made for you after placing an order. Production for custom orders is usually completed after an additional 2-3 days.