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Girls Trip Star Tiffany Haddish Loves Remy Girls

Tiffany Haddish really needs no introduction (she is currently one of the hottest names in entertainment after playing Dina in the hit movie Girls Trip and, as of late, she is Groupon’s newest spokesperson, so keep an eye on that Super Bowl commercial featuring the talented and beautiful Tiffany during fourth quarter!).

Lately, the fast-rising actress has flaunted lots of sassy hairstyles featuring everything from soft bombshell curls to sleek ponytails to chic face-framing bobs. Her hair looks always on point and we are in L.O.V.E. with all her style choices so, when she tried our Remy Girls Edge Control gel and raved about it, we knew once more we were doing things right.

If you have not included our oil-free soft gel into your hair routine until now, you might want to. We promise it’s addictive.  It will smooth and hold the stray edges of your hair straight, leaving your tresses soft and glossy without the greasy feel, and it is so easy to use.  Infused with honey and almond, this delicate must-have product will be just what you need when your hair decides to be unruly.

Take your cue from Ms. Tiffany Haddish, lovelies. This girl knows hair.


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Tips to Treat Damaged Hair

Damaged hair was viewed as an indication of aging, yet most scenarios with everybody leading a hectic way of life, it has turned into a reason behind stress for some. There are different causes for damage hair; going from medication, hormonal imbalance, the type of diet you take work stress.

Nowadays many individuals are victims of dry, fragile and split ends. Truly, damaged hair is normal. If you have tried everything, except nothing appears to work. Other than eating healthy and rich nutrient food to better your hair, there are some different ways you can try. Don’t take stress; you can have healthy and strong hair!

  1. Use vinegar

Truly vinegar can help your harmed hair. It’s like a miracle. It helps and disposes of split ends and frizz. It additionally takes out dandruff. There are a couple of ways you can apply vinegar to your hair- you can only simply add a teaspoon of it to your hair while in the shower, you can massage it into your hair before you start your routine cleanser or shampoo or you can soak your locks in a blend of vinegar and water.

  1. Avoid Heat

As you may know, harmed hair hates warm. Truth be told, applying too much warmth to your hair can cause harmed hair. Heat can be connected to your hair by the everyday tools that you use for your hair like a: blow dryer, curling barrel, hot rollers, and a flat iron. On the off chance that you need to wear your hair in curls, just roll your hair up in rollers the prior night. By doing this you will get similar types of curls you would have with a curling barrel. Or, on the other hand, you can make stick twists all finished your hair. Instead of utilizing a flat iron or a blow dryer you can just straighten your hair by utilizing a wig brush.

  1. Get a normal protein treatment

A protein treatment makes your hair cuticle strong. There are diverse levels of treatment to look over, so while picking ensure you read up on it and follow all the instructions properly. Treat your hair with a protein treatment once every month and catch up with a moisturizing conditioner.

  1. Hydrate your hair

The more you go without washing your hair the drier and more weak it will move toward becoming. Attempt to wash your hair no less than twice every week and make sure to include a good moisturizer and conditioner.

  1. Trim Your Hair

Every eight weeks or whatever’s beneficial for you; get your hair trimmed. The trimming, removes the damaged hair and helps make your hair healthier.

Drink lots of water and eat a healthy and nutrient rich diet of fruits and vegetables. The best home treatment for damaged hair is a healthy eating routine. For getting healthy, the kind of food you eat is everything, and what you put into your body will be pondered the outside.

With these ways that you can do yourself, you can fix your harm hair. Put yourself on right track for more beneficial hair. Why not try it? Your hair will thank you for it! If you are having issues with Dandruff, you can read more about Dandruff and Natural Ayurveda Remedies.

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Create High Volume Hair with Hair Extensions

There is no denying it, full and voluminous hair would always be in trend, and it is desired by a majority of women.  Full hair has been closely associated with images of youth and health, and this makes it a classic choice.

Women come in various kinds of hair types.  Some women are lucky and are born with full and voluminous hair, others are born with thin, short or curly hair, and regardless of what method they try out, it is impossible to get that hair volume they so desire and may have to look for other alternatives.

 It is for this reason that hair extensions have become increasingly recognized. Hair extensions can be utilized in adding volume to the hair. It has the capacity to provide those who wish, the full and voluminous hair they desire.

But it may be difficult for some people to understand how hair extensions can be utilized in attaining hair volume due to the numerous methods and types of extensions available. This article would keep you informed about all you need to know about hair extensions and how you can create hair volume by utilizing hair extensions.


Steps in creating Hair volume using hair extensions

The following steps would assist you in creating the hair volume you desire using hair extension. They include;


Create a base solid enough for the wefts

It is crucial to create a base that is sturdy and firm in so as to clip the weft. It is required so that the weft can have something to clinch onto without falling off. This will aid in securing the weft into position so as to prevent it from pulling on your hair. The base can be created by teasing the roots of the area in which the weft will be clipped.


Locate a safe zone

A very crucial part of clipping extensions is determining your safe zone. This is the part of the head where the clips won’t be visible. This should be identified before moving ahead.


Put your wefts in position

There are various kinds of hair sizes, hair types, and shape of heads and because of this, there is no one correct method in which extensions should be clipped. Try various methods and positions with the wefts to locate the one that is ideal for your type of hair and head.


Select your wefts

In some situations, you may not be required to utilize all the wefts, and that is fine. If you are finding it difficult to locate adequate space for all the wefts on your head, it’s possible that you may not need to utilize everything. Determine the best pattern that works with the wefts and makes use of those.


Prepare Your Hair and Extensions

A light mousse should be utilized in blow drying your hair after washing it so as to assist you in adding volume and texture to your locks. This is crucial because extensions can be hidden with ease if your hair. It is essential to select an extension that goes with your natural hair texture.


Create Volume

Ensure all the clips on your extension are opened before you start. While your hair is down, pull up a section of it and clip it, so it doesn’t cause an obstruction and the lowest layer behind you hair is left lowered while the top is held up completely by the clip.

The section should be around the middle of your air. At the area where the upper hair is split from the lower hair, your first extension should be inserted there, beginning with the clips in the middle and moving outward till it is totally clipped to your head.

Once this is done, the top hair should be unclipped and another layer released. It should be around the length of a finger higher than the former part. The process should be repeated so as to insert another extension. If you have hair that is naturally thick, you may need to carry out this process, not more than twice. If your hair is thin and you want more volume, or you have thin hair, and then you may carry out the process additional times, moving to the head.

The crucial part is to ensure your natural hair can still layer above the extensions to keep the clips hidden so its best not to go above the top of your ear.


Add volume to the Sides

A little volume should also be added to the sides, and the process should be repeated by utilizing shorter extension on either part of the hair, making sure all the clips on the extension are covered using your natural hair. You can use a comb to make it neater and a little spray.


Tease your Crown

Immediately you are done clipping your extensions, you will be able to observe the difference immediately and the volume and length your hair has attained. You may observe that the hair beneath your hair is more than what you have at the top. To ensure it has a more natural look, you may tease your hair around the crown, so more volume can be added to go along with the remainder of your hair, providing it with a look that is more voluminous and harmonious.


Style Your Extensions

Although hair extensions seem to look great with straight hair, having a curled or wavy style provides a more natural look. A curling iron can be utilized in wrapping your extensions and natural hair to enable them to flow into each other.

You can also seek assistance from your hairstylist to provide you with a style and haircut that would ensure your hair seems fuller. Although it seems weird cutting off your extensions that you worked so hard to place in, cutting them would assist in blending your hair with your extension. This can be done to produce an illusion of naturally full hair easily.

There are numerous ways to utilize hair extensions in creating volume for your hair and it’s all about locating the method that serves you best. The tips above can be used as a rule of thumb to assist you in blending your natural hair with your extensions and giving you a natural looking voluminous hair.

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Detroit’s Best Hair Extensions

Detroit has been popularized for many things, being called The Motor City bringing to the world cars, trucks and luxury vehicles. But did you know that Detroit was also famous for being the hair capital? The same city that has inspired the design of the vehicle you drive has also inspired hair stylists everywhere. Remy Girls carry’s the baton by providing quality hair extensions to our local and global clientele.

Remy Girls offer all types of hair extensions to suite all ladies preferences. Choose from weave, clip-in, tape-in/skin weft, braiding hair and wigs. With years of experience we always aim to provide the best hair extensions.

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Why Should You Co-wash Your Hair Extensions?

Now that you’ve got your amazing human hair extensions, you need to show them all the love you are capable of. And this starts with the way you wash them. Shampoos can be too harsh if used regularly, that’s why the co-wash was invented (thank God for that!).

The benefits of co-washing your extensions (you actually clean them with ONLY conditioner), are the following:
• hair is highly moisturized and left silky-smooth
• your faux strands will keep their shine for longer (especially if the last rinse is done in cold water)
• dirt and build-up are removed much more gently than with shampoo
• hair is super-easy to detangle just by using the fingers

Ready to try it?
1. Fully saturate your hair with water. The strands should be soaking wet. Think of it like wetting a face towel. The water loosens the debris, making it easier to rinse out eventually. This also helps distribute the conditioner evenly throughout your hair.

2. Squeeze out a healthy amount of conditioner. You need to use enough to coat strands from root to tip. For some, this can mean using as much as a golf ball-size amount. This may seem like a lot, but don’t forget that you’re cleansing, not just conditioning. For others, a dime or quarter size amount is plenty.

3. Massage the conditioner into the scalp and distribute evenly through the ends. “This will help break down oils and any residue left over from styling products. Then allow the conditioner to be absorbed for three to five minutes. If your hair is particularly dry or damaged, leave it in longer. It will act like a mask. Now rinse, dry, and style as usual. Bonus: You may discover that you need less styling product, since the hair is less dehydrated and more responsive.

4. Use a clarifying shampoo once every two to four weeks. Buildup—from sweat, stylers, or conditioner—is inevitable, regardless of whether you shampoo or co-wash. Experiment with how frequently you need to clarify your hair. In general, a once-a-month or twice-a-month wash will cure dullness without drying. If your hair still feels weighed down after biweekly clarifying, alternate as needed between co-washing and shampooing. This should yield the benefits of co-washing but with more volume.

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How To Get Beautiful Skin Home Remedies From Our Makeup Artists

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How To Get Beautiful Balayage Highlights For Your Brown Hair

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Fall 2014 Color Trends For Brunettes

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Girls With Curls: A Long Hairstyle By Christhie Newton

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Lara : Balayage Expert and Certified Hair Colorist

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