Infinity Hold Lace Glue Adhesive


Longer, stronger hold than any other lace glue on the market. Holds up to 3-4 weeks without placement shift.


Infinity Hold Lace Glue Adhesive is the longer lasting, stronger holding with less of a mess when applying. Check out our tutorial video and the updates on the longevity of our lace glue. You’ve tried lace glue with a Bolder Hold, Ghostly Bond and maybe a Walkers lace type of adhesive, we challenge you to try the longest and strongest lace glue adhesive.

Disclaimer: Bodily chemistry differs from person to person and may affect the length of time of our Infinity Hold Lace Glue staying in place. Our lace glue adhesive break down rate varies based on your body chemistry. Perform a patch test on your skin before using on your entire placement surface. *If you experience a skin reaction, immediately discontinue usage. Professional use recommended

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0.4 oz, 1.3 oz, 5.3 oz


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