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Our Remy Human Hair is organically sourced from around the world. We don’t just say a source, we show receipts.
Remy Girls Human Hair is ethically sourced from companies from around the world. We have built long standing relationships with our supplies over the years, this allows us to receive the highest standard of hair for your crown. With 10 years of hair retailing experience, stylists and hair connoisseurs that work with us appreciate the passion that we place in sourcing and suppling quality.

With the proper routine maintenance this hair will last you for a long time. Our hair has versatility when it comes to wearing different looks and styling. We thank you for placing your crown in our hands. Shop Now and enjoy Human Hair from Burma (currently renamed to Myanmar), Cambodian, Philippine, Russian and the multi-versatile Indian hair.

Slay your day Flawlessly.

Glamorous Lace Wig Units

Affordable Luxury Human Hair.

Beautiful Hair, Satin Shine

We care about your hair and your well-being.

Custom Lace Eyebrows

Remy Girls

Remy means Raw!

Choose the Richness of Cambodian, Burmese, Filipino and Indian Human Hair 100% ethically sourced from across the world. Trust us we have the receipts.