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Full Lace Wigs

Remy Girls “Off the Shelf” wigs are available and ready for purchase. They are human hair wigs that can be colored, cut and styled. Want to create your own customize Full Lace Wig, start by choosing your options below.

*Hand Tied/Ventilated Wigs take at least 3-4 weeks to construct, our wig makers spend 8+ hours placing each strand of hair into the lace to create your one of a kind wig.

*If you would like one of the wigs featured but with different customization, please place a note in your order.

    • 250 $
    • $
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    • 700 $
    • 650 $
    • 625 $
    • 750 $
    • 800 $
    • 600 $
    • 425 $


Remy Girls “Off the Shelf” Full Lace wigs come in a natural dark color. Our wigs are perfect for trying a new look without the commitment. You can dye the hair but we recommend our licensed professionals take care of it for you. *Wigs do not come cut and styled as pictured, only the custom color if applicable.


Remy Girls Custom human hair wigs are made especially for you according to your specifications one hair at a time, therefore, returns are not accepted. We make sure that we go through our 10 point Quality Assurance checklist prior to releasing the custom wig to you. Remy Girls will not release your order to you without all 10 sign-offs. However, we do recommend that you take your measurements (for clients that order but aren’t fitted in store) carefully to ensure that your custom order fits correctly. We will not accept returns due to custom orders not fitting properly, or if it does not produce the look you wanted for you want.

We use only our Glam human hair to create your custom hair wigs and most of the price of your custom lace wig will depend on the desired length of hair you select. We do not charge extra fees for baby hair or bleached knots.

  • Measurements: You may take your own head measurements by hand and input them into the custom order form. *Local customers can come into our store to have your measurements taken. Please view the instructional measurement chart for taking self-measurements.
  • Custom Color: You may select any base color and can combine two or even three colors. You create the look and style you want. You can choose your hair color by the chart or send us a picture of desired color once your order has been placed.
  • Hair Texture: Select from our standard curl patterns, or upload a photo so that we may replicate.

PROCESSING: After you pay for your system, Your custom order form will be sent to the review center for processing according to your specifications. You may receive a call to discuss your order before production.

PRODUCTION TIME: Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of custom orders. You may request a rush on your custom order which will shorten the completion time to about 2-3 weeks production. Allow a full 3 weeks for delivery of rush orders. If you have any questions pertaining to the custom order, please feel free to contact us.

*Each and every wig goes through a 10 Point Quality Assurance check prior to releasing to you the client.

Remy Girls Wig Accessories:

  • Remy Girls Wig Stand – The Remy Girls Wig Stand helps maintain your wig’s appearance and longevity. This collapsible wig stand will help your wig hold its shape when not in use. It is also ideal for drying your wig after shampooing.
    • Height: 14″
    • Color: Black
  • Remy Girls Antistatic Storage Dust Bag – The Remy Girls Anti-static Storage Dust Bag is ideal for storing your wig while keeping it free of tangles and static.
    • Size:14½” by 14½”


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